Putting a new lens on your data

By bringing together the most advanced and relevant AI techniques, we transform data into actionable insights, so organisations can make data-driven decisions.

Our engineers work with your in-house experts to pick suitable models from our AI marketplace to best match your business needs. In this way our platform allows you to realise the untapped potential in your data. We are making cities smarter, experiences deeply rewarding and the world around us more accessible.


AI Powered Platform and Services

Help local governments improve services using their existing infrastructure. Support emergency service teams to react quickly and effectively to any and all situations.

Ensure retailers can improve and measure shopper experience and increase customer engagement. Allow big venues to understand and help move fans safely through their stadiums and entertainment complexes.

Create real-time actionable insights to enhance and reward clientele, while decreasing fraud and theft safely.

Connect a myriad of sensor, video and other data collected about cities and urban spaces to contribute to building sustainable, future proof, liveable spaces and communities.

Directors and Advisors

We are a creative, solution focussed team of AI and consulting experts and engineers. We design simple solutions harnessing the power of our AI marketplace. Helping you derive insights from your current data streams is what we thrive on. We are passionate about understanding your problems so that our solutions keep you competitive. Let’s grow together.


Never miss an inference

Our AI platform lets you run multiple models or replicas of the same model to guarantee every data stream produces consistent outcomes. You can also run in an A/B environment when selecting models from our marketplace. This way, you’ll never miss a beat on what’s truly important to your business.


If you would like to find out how our AI platform and services can help you make data-driven decisions we would love to hear from you.

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