Australian Security and Marketing Insights

Deep Recognition combines Digital Security Services and Digital Experiences. By focusing on and combining digital marketing and security, we provide extra insights for firms in both of these industries. If you want the knowledge to protect and promote, get in touch with us today.

Knowledge is Power

Our systems can help you collect data that’s already around you. When you harness the power of Deep Recognition you’re taking control of information that’s already around you. Pooling and collating this data puts you ahead of your competition and out in front of the pack.

Complete Insights

The unique combination Deep Recognition presents gives you opportunities that have never been possible before.

Deep Recognition can help you cover a range of systems including:

  • Video analytics
  • Facial recognition
  • Video management systems
  • Audience measurement
  • Scene detection
  • Laser counting
  • Audio analytics
  • Link/relationship analytics
  • WiFi and Bluetooth tracking

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Driving Insights

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People Insights

• Video Analytics
• Facial Recognition
• Video Management Systems
• Audience Measurement
• Scene Detection
• Laser Counting
• Audio Analytics
• Link/Relationship Analytics
• WiFi & Bluetooth Tracking
• Biometrics

Vehicle Insights

• License Plate Recognition
• Car Recognition
• Laser Counting
• Intersection Analyser