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    Smart Cities

    Helping local governments improve services using their existing infrastructure.

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    How it works

    Local governments around the world recognise the benefits a smart city can bring. Being able to anticipate growth patterns, understand movement and peoples’ needs helps cities plan for the future. They already have extensive networks of cameras, IoT and surveillance devices but are challenged on how to turn this vast pool of data into actionable insights and knowledge.

    Deep Recognition’s platform extracts insights from your devices using the best AI and recognition technologies to create a comprehensive picture of your city today, helping you create the smart city of tomorrow.

    Utilising this technology, city roads and leisure facilities usage can be analysed to optimise existing infrastructure and enhance future city planning. The number of cars occupying car parks and roadways can be monitored to allow implementation of effective congestion prevention tactics and people counting can provide a basis for future resource allocation based on usage.


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